Funk Indie Rock Shoegaze Song of the Day

Song of the Day (BLM): The Veldt – Until You’re Forever

Day 12. I’m a big fan of subverting expectations & stereotypes so I’m pleased to present to you, The Veldt. The Veldt are a black Shoegaze band from the initial wave of that genre. Singer Daniel Chavis recalls how his band were viewed as “difficult to work with” as a result of them not playing “typical black music.”

The Veldt play a unique blend of soulful Shoegaze. Walls of sound akin to My Bloody Valentine shroud moody soul vocals & a funk inspired rhythm section. Until You’re Forever, in my opinion, seems to have echoes of the “Madchester” sound to it. Possibly as a result of combining Indie Pop melodicism with upbeat dance-like rhythms & synthesiser textures.

Initially released in 1994, this version is from 2019 & is just as vital & energetic as the album version.

My apologies but, for the first time, I was unable to find the lyrics to this tune to reproduce here.

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