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Iggy Pop – Frenzy

“I’m the guy with no shirt who rocks.”

Peter Pan of Punk Rock is an iffy title that calls to mind dodgy allusions to everyone’s nana’s favourite pop star, Cliff Richard, but Iggy Pop is 75 and has just released a single he says will “beat the shit out of you.”

Frenzy is a three minute punk thrasher that starts with the sound of an amp gently humming to itself with barely contained menace. The guitar tone (courtesy of Guns N’ Roses’ Duff McKagan) of the chords which rush in a fraction of a second later is fuzzy and resonant, warm as an acid bath. The drums (provided by Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ Chad Smith) are precise and trimmed down to just the bare essentials, light on frills and fills, but coursing with electrical energy. 

The vocals are as taught and abrasive as classic Pop and incredibly youthful and energetic for the septuagenarian punk rocker. The energy comes from somewhere though, obviously. Pop is railing against the shitshow which the world has become on the only way he knows, he’s allowing himself to be worked up into a frenzy at all those “fucking pricks” and “goddamn dicks” who are responsible for this shit. His frenzy is egged on by classic punk rock band shouts over the pummelling chorus.

I don’t know if it’s because I’ve had a few beers or not, but I’m finding Frenzy to be as compelling and essential as almost anything else in Iggy Pop’s discography. Bless him. 

More like this please, Mr. Pop.

Checkout the amazing animated video for Frenzy below.

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