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Belle & Sebastian Black Sessions 1998

I felt the need to share this VHS-rip of a full Belle & Sebastian set from 1998 because it is, quite frankly, marvellous. The band were at the peak of their powers during this period & the set includes songs from their first three albums and EP’s.

The sound quality has a few issues at times, being a rip of a VHS tape which was recorded from the TV 23 years ago, but is generally quite good. Well worth the few minor imperfections.


1 The Boy Done Wrong Again

2 Dog On Wheels

3 Paper Boat + Seeing Other People

4 Century Of Fakers

5 I Know Where The Summer Goes

6 Mayfly

7 The Wrong Girl

8 Dirty Dream Number Two

9 Poupee De Cire, Poupee De Son

10 Slow Graffiti

11 I Don’t Love Anyone

12 Sleep The Clock Around

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