Indie Rock New Wave

The Vat-Egg Imposition – Sheriff Of Nottingham

Sheriff Of Nottingham is a humorous slice of lo-fi melodic New Wave. Sonically it’s pitched somewhere between the College Rock of US bands like The Replacements & Scouse comic Folk-Punks Half Man Half Biscuit. Deadpan lyrics about hating & wanting to kill Robin Hood & sending money to his ex, Maid Marian.

B-side Get My Green Mug Back Again is sonically similar. Edgy, funny New Wave Pop. Upbeat & celebratory, Get My Green Mug Back Again is a deceptively happy tale of losing a favourite mug to a neighbour who borrowed some sugar, only to subsequently move house.

Sheriff Of Nottingham is available to stream today on Bandcamp. Fans can also preorder the forthcoming cassette release on Safe Suburban Home.

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