Indie Rock

Perspex – A Horse Named Useless

York Indie Rock oddballs Perspex pedal a unique style of Lo-Fi Indie Rock. They describe themselves, on their Facebook page, as “the plastic band for the decadent listener,” which seems to sum them up way better than it should. Their sound somewhere between Velvet Underground & The Fall. Unlike many bands, they revel in their York accents, which is refreshing.

A Horse Named Useless is a downtempo voyage through alt-country minimalism & abstract lyricism, which feels like it may have been put together with Burroughs-esque cut-up techniques. Profanity-laden references to sexual deviance (“wanking off a horse named useless”) bring Burroughs comparisons into focus. There are shades of Neil Young & Wilco to the chord progressions. I’m particularly reminded of Heart Of Gold in the gently strummed acoustic guitars.

A Horse Named Useless is available to stream now on all good streaming platforms.

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