Interesting pics & memes (Volume 1)

When I first began this blog, I started out by just sharing interesting pictures, memes and screenshots that caught my imagination or resonated with me in some way. Here is a kind of return to that format with some interesting, haunting or funny visuals found across the cyberscape we call social media.

More hauntological than anything but found in a Liminal Spaces group on Facebook.
Quality shitpost, found in a Punk shitposting group.
There’s a couple of layers to this one. Right Wing reactionaries in the US have been calling vaccinations Marxist/Communist etc. Big Bird tweeted (I know) a pro-vaccine statement on Twitter. Therefore, Big Bird is a communist.
Nice slice of nostalgia.
More nostalgia. The great Alexei Sayle, whose podcast you should certainly be listening to right now.
Finally, beautiful freeze frame from Star Trek: Lower Decks

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