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Pink Floyd in New Earswick: second update

Okay, so overnight I have heard from Roy Hughes, the DJ/compere from the Tinned Chicken Club. He tells me that he remembers meeting & enjoying Pink Floyd but has no further recollection of the event. This is quite reasonable as it was 53 years ago. He suggests that, as New Earswick Folk Hall is a particularly obscure venue, the archivists from the Pink Floyd Archive sites may have assumed that it was part of the University in Hesslington. This seems reasonable.

Roy Hughes & several people in the York Past & Present Facebook group have confirmed the date I was originally given, 21st October 1967. Richard Fearn explained that he was in a band playing a gig at Guppy’s club the same night and that their gig was particularly quiet that night because everyone was at the Folk Hall in New Earswick watching Pink Floyd. He says he kept detailed notes of his performances & that the Guppy’s was similarly quiet on the night of the Procol Harum gig on the 4th June 1967.

I mentioned in the previous update that the support act on the night were the Scarborough band, Mandrakes, fronted by a young Robert Palmer. Sadly, I was unable to find any recordings by Mandrakes.

Scarborough band, Mandrakes – featuring a young Robert Palmer

Many members of the Facebook group remember another band also played in support. York band The Roll Movement. The Roll movement appear to have been very popular around York. They disbanded in 1968 after a brief but successful career which saw them release a single & support acts including Ike & Tina Turner, and Cream. I was sent the YouTube video below by a friend, check it out, it’s pretty good.

York band, The Roll Movement

Roy Hughes tells me that it’s very likely that both bands played in support as the Procol Harum gig also included two support acts, Angel Pavement & Yo-Yo. Below are a picture & YouTube video of Angel Pavement. I was unable to find any information about Yo-Yo.

Angel Pavement

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