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Public Image Ltd. – Hawaii

Former Punk Rock firebrand turned turgid reactionary John Lydon throws his hat into the Eurovision fiasco, for some reason. He has stated himself, this week on RTE’s Radio 1, that he has never watched a single broadcast of the event, which has run since 1956, branding it as ‘awful’ and ‘disgusting’. Lydon hopes to represent Ireland in the heavily politicised song contest. Hawaii is just kind of fine. Nothing special, kind of average. Lydon’s vocals are blank and uninspired, lacking his former acerbic edge. The backing track sounds like the peak 80s power ballads that Phil Collins is probably still living off of to this day. This is a shame as it is reportedly inspired by his wife’s battles with Alzheimer’s and, according to Lydon, is “also a message of hope that ultimately love conquers all.” Not something that aligns particularly well with his more recent public outbursts. I really wanted to like this. Oh how the mighty have fallen. 

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