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Song of the Day (Chaotic Neutral): British Sea Power – The Smallest Church In Sussex

Day 26. Tonight I finished my first playthrough of the incredible detective RPG Disco Elysium. It has a soundtrack by British Sea Power, who I love, & there is a scene in which the main protagonist sings an altered version of this song entitled ‘The Smallest Church In Saint-Saëns’. I’ve included this version below for the curious. The vocals are by the protagonists Ancient Reptilian Brain.

I would often go there
To the tiny church there
The smallest church in Sussex
Though it once was larger

How the rill may rest there
Down through the mist there
Toward the Seven Sisters
Toward those white cliffs there

I would ofter stay there
In there tiny yard there
I have been so glad here
Looking forward to the past here

But now you are alone
None of this matters at all

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