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Song of the Day (Chaotic Neutral): Wire – Kidney Bingos

Day 14.

A fellow member of a Facebook group, the best indie album ever, posted this video tonight, asking if anyone else was into mid ’80’s Wire. Oh yes, I certainly am. I love this period of Wire , this song is a personal favourite & I was surprised to see so little Wire in previous series of Song of the Day (except for Outdoor Miner way back in the A-Z series). As an added bonus, I have included a live version recorded for KEXP in 2011. Enjoy.

Natural splits sunburn jets pride marks smart bets
Strikers luck pitch backs heap tips pit slacks
Dressed pints demon shrinks bread drunk dead drinks
Stretch clubs models box draw skin black shocks

Money spines paper lung kidney bingos organ fun

Flag stunt rock stone dole axe crash dive
Breath thrift take speed double take weekends
Skull row drugs hall colour bars sex calls
Sparkle finds rented rings pretty things clipped wings

Gold street spy fleet scandal food poor treat
Fire run club gun rule mob burn some
Bomb time pop crime stock frame steady climb
Fresh name donor game fair meat all the same

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