Regular readers of Scruffy Theory may have noticed that my once regular posts have become more sporadic over recent weeks. There are many factors which have contributed to this & I feel the need to explain to people a little of what has been going on.

The chief reason I have slowed down in my creation of content is due to mental health reasons. I am, & have been for a while, experiencing depression & anxiety while, maybe unwisely, keeping this pretty much to myself. It’s not that I’m particularly ashamed of this or anything, but I do find it difficult to talk about. I have typed & retyped the bulk of this paragraph multiple times, giving varying amounts of detail, though I have decided to settle on just depression and anxiety. I may write more about it at a later date but for now, I’m just trying to deal with it as best I can.

Another thing that has begun to take up my time is my studies. I’m currently just starting my third year (of six) of a part time degree through the Open University. I am studying towards a BA in English Language & Literature. This is going to take up a lot of my free time in the coming yer because I am studying a literature module this year, & have a fairly sizeable amount of reading to do in my spare time, in addition to my usual recreational reading.

This years reading.

Another factor which is going to impinge on my ability to post as regularly as I’d like is the fact that I am going to be returning to work following a long period of absence due to being furloughed. Perversely, I was furloughed in the first place in line with the ‘Shielding’ guidelines, to protect my partner who suffers from severe asthma, & now, as the danger level is rising again, I am being asked to return to work because I “no longer qualify” for furlough. I obviously know that this is a lie, but since furlough is at the employers discretion there is nothing I can do about it.

So my daily posting schedule is going to take a bit of a hit. I am going to attempt to keep going with Song of the Day for a while (I know, I’ve missed it for a little while now) but I may dispense with the themes I’ve been using & just use it to share with you a song which I particularly like or have been listening to that day. I will attempt to write a proper post at least once a week. I’ll also try & share images, songs & videos with you when I find something of interest. I may also start posting a little about what’s going on at work now I’m back as well as the literature I am reading as part of my studies.

I apologise for the slightly negative tone of this post. Here’s some great music with a great video by way of an apology.

I’m sharing this because I watched a great YouTube video by Trash Theory this morning about the evolution of Shoegaze that lead to Loveless. Oh hell, why not? Here’s the Trash Theory video too.

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