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Song of the Day (Covers): The Fall – Victoria

Day 18. The Fall’s cover of The Kinks Psychedelic Jangle Pop hit & tribute to Queen Victoria (& Victoriana generally) adds a sinister, menacing overtone to the tune, befitting such a bloodthirsty & imperialistic monarch.

It was bad, called obscene 
And the rich were so mean 
Stately homes for the Lords 
Golden lawns, village green
Victoria was my queen 

Victoria, Victoria, Victoria 

I was born, lucky me 
In the land that I love 
Though I’m poor, I am free 
When I go I shall fight 
For this land I will die 
Let her sun never set on 

Victoria, Victoria, Victoria 

Canada to India 
Australia to Cornwall 
Singapore to Hong Kong 
From the West to the East 
From the rich to the poor 
Victoria loved them all 

Victoria, Victoria, Victoria

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