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Song of the Day (The Chain): The Art Of Noise – Close (To The Edit)

Day 39. Sticking with Buffalo Gals & Video Killed The Radio Star composer Trevor Horn for todays entry. The Art Of Noise were/are an Avant Garde/Synth Pop/Sampled Sound Collage group formed in the early ’80’s. Named after a book on Italian Futurism, their Spotify artist bio describes them as “futurists in the sense that they were interested in the future, in making the future a better place, in the technology of the future, in turning up in the future, in sounding like they belonged in the future.”

Close (To The Edit) is a chaotic sound collage of funky, synthetic breakbeats. It’s video depicts the band & a young girl destroying a Piano in an industrial looking location. This says more about the track & its intent than words ever could.

Hey! Yeah!

Dum! Dum!

Tra la la

To to to to the edge
To to to to the edge

To be in England
In the summertime
With my love
Close to the edge

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