Experimental Triphop

Song of the Day (The Chain): Massive Attack – Angel

Day 20. From Rufige Kru’s futuristic, darkside Jungle to Massive Attacks’ widescreen epic, Angel. The link in the chain is that Rufige Kru -aka Goldie- & Massive Attacks’ producer Robert Del Naja both came from Bristol based graffiti crews & knew each other.

Based on a song by -and featuring- Reggae artist Horace Andy, Angel is a druggy, dubby crawl. What separates it from other Triphop though is the huge wall of distorted guitars, which one journalist likened to early-Cure. Perhaps, in many ways, this marriage of Dub, Triphop & Post-Punk is the latter genre’s truest expression.

Casual music fans, unaware of Massive Attack, will probably recognise it as the song which plays in the Guy Ritchie movie Snatch, as Mickey’s (Brad Pitt) mum’s caravan goes up in glorious, slow motion flames.

You are my angel
Come from way above to bring me love
Her eyes, she’s on the dark side
Neutralize every man in sight

To love you, love you, love you

You are my angel
Come from way above

To love you, love you, love you

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