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Song of the Day (The Chain): Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks – Stick Figures In Love

Day 15. In addition to both being off-kilter, underground guitar heroes with a penchant for Jazzmasters, Stephen Malkmus & Thurston Moore have other things in common too. In this case, the fact that they’ve both recorded albums with Beck as producer. Okay, Thurston Moore’s track from yesterday was not from his Beck-produced album (2011’s Demolished Thoughts) but I still thought this was a decent strong link.

Stick Figures In Love, however, is from Malkmus’ Beck-produced album, Mirror Traffic. This was also recorded in 2011, so Beck produced Moore & Malkmus in the same year. I chose Stick Figures In Love because a) it’s from Mirror Traffic & b) I absolutely love that main lead guitar melody. Enjoy.

If you want mine you better take all the lies of me
Drag down no one can see
Market on the dark in no one’s ear
I can see you down sideways in my head

Daughters of the world be on green alert
The scourge of plastic china so fine in carolina
Betting my bread on the minister
The alabaster wino god speaks through that albino

Your frozen enemy came down before the flood
No time no one is done
Your tokens of my voice will scram again your fear
No spies no one is ’round

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