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Thurston Moore – Hashish

Thurston Moore unleashed this new single, Hashish, on Friday.

If you’ve been keeping up with his mainline solo material from the last several years (TMG & previosly, Chelsea Light Moving), then Hashish holds no surprises for you. It’s the same kind of oddly melodic, dissonant & atmospheric guitar music he’s been perfecting since 2013’s excellent Chelsea Light Moving. To me, this is a winning formula & each release seems to be incrementally better than the last as he, & his increasingly tight backing band, refine this winning formula.

Like his last album, Rock N Roll Consciousness, the lyrics for Hashish were written by Moore’s friend, the poet Radieux Radio. This is a fruitful relationship. Radio’s words seem to fit like a puzzle piece into Moore’s sonic architecture.

Day or night no one knows

Feel the full effect of this dose

Is it day or night I just don’t know

Hashish eater Please be patient

Feel it girl, our hallucination

Feel the full effect of this dose

It is in you girl, my repose

She’s the haven of my soul

Is it day or night

We just don’t know

She’s my only friend, my soul, my hope

Hashish scarab come tonight

Will you bring your elusive light

Her love is all that I am needing now

Her drug is all that I am feeling now

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