Post Punk

Red Light Skyscraper – Your Hand In Mine (air instruments Explosions In The Sky Cover)

You may remember a blogpost a while back showcasing some of what Italian Post-Rockers, Red Light Skyscraper have been up to in quarantine. The previous post featured a Mogwai cover using only smartphone apps & a This Will Destroy You cover which was 1% performance/99% editing.

This time Red Light Skyscraper have released a humorous & fun video of them playing the moody Your Hand In Mine by Explosions In The Sky on air instruments. I particularly like the use of sound effects in to enhance the humour. The Homer “Doh!” & the meowing cat are particularly funny.

Hope you enjoy this & be sure to check out their stuff on Spotify or YouTube etc. They’re tight & atmospheric so if Post Rock is your thing, then I’m fairly sure you’ll enjoy them.

Check their most recent single, Matisse, from last year.

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