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Manic Street Preachers – Roses In The Hospital demo

If only I’d waited until today for the blogpost about Manic Street Preachers demos I would have been able to include this excellent version of Roses In The Hospital.

This one is definitely a pale imitation of the finished product which appeared on the album. It’s too bouncy & upbeat compared to the beautiful anthemic melancholia of the album version. & is that the guitar riff from album track Yourself used as a bridge on this version? Interesting how they removed one riff from this demo & developed it into a totally new song.

Despite my above criticisms I still love this. It’s great. I love how, as also mentioned above, it provides a window into the bands songwriting process. The idea that they may have decided that Roses In The Hospital had to many great melodies in it so why not write a whole new track out of one of them.

There doesn’t seem to be an upload to YouTube of this tune yet though it is available on Spotify etc.

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