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Song of the Day (A-Z): Debrief

Choosing a Song of the Day for every letter of the alphabet was particularly fun & I believe I got a really good Spotify playlist out of it too.

It’s a good way of giving myself something to do every day, especially during lockdown, so I’m going to keep it going for now. Instead of A-Z I’ve decided to give Song of the Day themes that I hope will make great playlists which I can share with you too.

During the latest civil unrest in the states I have been attempting to express solidarity with African Americans who are a victim of police racism & racist violence in any way I can. This has got me thinking that, over the years, I have taken a great deal of enjoyment & comfort from African American culture. I have enjoyed Hip-Hop & Rap music since I was a child & let’s not forget some outliers we might not necessarily think about at first like Jimmy Hendrix & Bad Brains.

So for the next 20 days (I think 20 is a good number of tracks for a Spotify Playlist), Scruffy Theory will be posting Song of the Day (BLM). I hope you enjoy it.

In the meantime, listen back to my Song of the Day (A-Z) playlist.

Feel free to comment ideas for future themes.

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