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Song of the Day (A-Z): Manic Street Preachers – You Love Us (Heavenly Version)

Day 25 (Y). Before it was rerecorded with a massive Guns & Roses type production for their debut album, Generation Terrorists, Manic Street Preachers released this rawer, punkier version of their live anthem You Love Us on, Indie label, Heavenly Records. This is my favoured version of the song, particularly because I love the rawer production & the Iggy Pop Lust For Life outro.

Check out the awesome video for the Heavenly version of You Love Us. They really are, to quote from another early tune, “a mess of eyeliner & spraypaint.”

Love…We are not your sinners
Our voices are for real
We realised and won’t be mourned
We’re gonna burn your deathmask uniforms

We won’t die of devotion
Understand we can never belong
Throw some acid into your face
Pollute your mineral water with a strychnine taste

You love us…

Till I see love in statues
Your lessons drill inherited sin
Parliament’s a fake life saver
You better wake up and smell the real flavour


You love us like a holocaust
Same marketing problem as E.S.T.
You love us like a holocaust
Same marketing problem as E.S.T.

You love us…

Check it out
One Two Three Four Five

Fall out scream
Death melody
Maggots in your culture scene
Fall to pieces
When you can’t buy
Hey passive electorate
Die die die

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