Chilean anti-cop techniques for protesters

From here in the UK there isn’t much I can do to help my comrades protesting against police violence in the USA. What I can do however, is share these pics I saved from last winters protests against the right-wing coup in Chile. There are some extremely useful ideas for protestors who will be going up against violent cops over the coming nights.

  1. Grab whatever you can & form a shield wall. When the cops are firing teargas canisters or beanbag rounds at you they should be able to harmlessly deflect the projectiles away from you.
  2. Another ingenious technique that was used to great effect in Chile was the laser pointers which were used to blind drones which were used to monitor protestors movements. They can also be used to blind violent cops & spoil their aim or prevent them from identifying you.
  3. Face coverings are very useful as they both conceal your identity & help against teargas. Bearing in mind that we are still in the midst of the Covid19 pandemic, face coverings are just both common sense & commonplace at the moment. A gas mask is preferable to a face mask but obviously less common. If you have one, wear it.

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