Nadine Shah – Buckfast

Singer-songwriter Nadine Shah has released a fourth single from her forthcoming album, Kitchen Sink (due 5th June), Buckfast. Like the previous three singles, the artwork for the single features a plate of luxurious food. A pile of profiteroles this time. The Official audio clip on YouTube features the pile of profiteroles spinning on a record deck (the same as the previous singles Kitchen Sink & Trad).

Buckfast is downtempo, blues-tinged Post-Punk. Unusually funky vocal melodies snake in and out of crunchy guitar chords, plodding bass lines & unusual percussion. There is almost a funk-rock feel to the verses, not dissimilar to a less heavy Rage Against The Machine.

Here’s the official audio for Buckfast, as well as the previous two singles.

And to top it off, here’s the excellent & creepy video for the first single from Kitchen Sink, Ladies For Babies (Goats For Love).

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