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Song of the Day (A-Z) – Death In Vegas – Dirt

Day 4 (D). Crunchy breakbeats, heavy guitar riffs and unusual vocal samples are the order of the day on Death In Vegas’ 1996 single Dirt. I remember first hearing it on a CD which came free with Vox Magazine and absolutely loving it.

As well as the official video, I also present to you an excellent fan made video I found while looking for it. Enjoy.

This is one thing that I was gonna wait a while before we talked about. Maybe we’ll talk about it now so you can think about it. Because you all, we all have to make some kind of plans for ourselves. It’s a free concert from now on…

But the one major thing you have to remember tonight when you back up to the woods to go to sleep or if you stay here, is that the man next to you is your brother and you damn well better treat each other that way, cause if you don’t, then we blow the whole thing, but we’ve got it right there.

What’s that spell!
What’s that spell!
What’s that spell!
What’s that spell!
What’s that spell!

“Gimme an “F”
“Gimme a “U”
“Gimme a “C”
Gimme a “K”
What’s that spell!…?

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