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Pavement, live at the Khyber Pass, 30th July 1992

As a massive Pavement fan, I was extremely pleased when YouTube user Pete Sounds uploaded this amateur camcorder footage of an early ‘90’s Pavement gig as a gift for indie rock fans in quarantine.

It’s a delightfully noisy set full of classic tunes from their first album, Slanted and Enchanted and earlier. It also contains a couple of tunes from the Watery Domestic EP – Frontwards & Shoot The Singer (One Sick Verse) – as well as older tunes like Home & Debris Slide.

Its good to see original drummer, Gary Young, and his crazed energetic stage presence. Especially on the incendiary version of personal highlight, In The Mouth A Desert where he stands on his drum stool for the intro, before dropping down onto it in time to play the opening drum fill with anxious precision.

Here’s the excellent track list

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