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Scruffy Undertale Adventures (Part 4)

So I came across this Spider Bakesale. You could buy Spider Donuts or Spider Cider. 9999 gold each. I declined.

This poor fool did not decline. He spent everything he had on a Spider Donut. Rookie error.

After a boss fight with the spider lady running the bakesale (Muffet), I was ambushed by the killer robot Mettaton again. This time he sung a romantic, operatic song for me. The words actually seemed to fit perfectly with the chiptune opera soundtrack.

He then opened up a trapdoor beneath me and I had to solve some puzzles to escape from a dungeon.

I met some of his fans outside.

I’d defeated these two Royal Guardsmen (on the right) earlier by convincing them that a) the one on the left had a crush on the one on the right and b) to go and have an ice cream. They found the Ice Cream Seller (left) and bought all his stock. They told me they were taking a raincheck on the whole killing me thing.

I then came across the Resort. I had some dinner with Sans. The note to the right of me said to check the alleyway for great deals. Fearing it might be a trap I decided to check anyway. Milking this game for all the content I can.

Down the alleyway I encountered these two teenage girls, Bratty and Catty, who also happen to be an alligator and a cat. They were a laugh.

After buying some junk food from them, I proceeded to enter the Resort. The lobby was full of interesting looking characters. Note the Mettaton statue in the fountain.

And that was the end of this evenings gaming.

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