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Shameless Self Promotion: Nauseous Skies & Downstreamers

Time for a little Shameless self promotion. Jason Jarratt, singer, guitarist and primary songwriter in my band Nauseous Skies has unearthed a 2018 home recording we made of our song Without You. Without You has never been recorded in a studio so Jason decided to upload it to Soundcloud as a gift for those in isolation. It is a darkly psychedelic dream pop song with a strong ‘80’s influence. We were thinking of bands like The Cure and Psychedelic Furs when we were writing and rehearsing it.

As well as Without You, Jason and I also began a more electronic based side project called Downstreamers. This consisted of guitar, voice and electronics. We finished one track, Shine On in 2019 but didn’t get around to releasing it. We uploaded it to Soundcloud yesterday. This isn’t dissimilar to our main band but has more emphasis on synth sounds and uses exclusively programmed drums.

Hope you enjoy these tunes. They make me wonder how many other bands are sitting on unreleased material which would be well received right now while we’re social distancing/isolating.

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